Smoking herbal products has been a favourite activity by our forefathers since centuries ago. While some people do it for medicinal and religious reasons, others love it because of its pleasurable effects. Moreover, many individuals opt for herbal mixture smoking so they can get away with the harmful effects of tobacco smoking while still enjoying the smoking activity.

Nonetheless, there is even a better to smoke herbal products i.e., through a glass pipe. These products are available in reputable smoke shops and various pipe distributors out there. Anyway, here are some of the benefits of having your own glass pipe:

1.Tobacco smoking cessation

If you have tried everything to quit smoking cigarette and other nicotine-filled products and have not experienced any success, then probably owning a glass pipe might be the only thing that you need. Actually, some people find vape smoking as effective as well. Nonetheless, if you do not like this method and want to enjoy the effects of the herb mixtures, smoking through a glass pipe would be best. Basically, it is a great smoking experience minus the tobacco!


Nothing beats smoking pleasure than doing it with a glass pipe having a great design! Yes, glass pipes may have a wide array of designs that you could choose from. From a simple variety to a range of theme or icon inspired (like Gandalf or Sherlock glass pipes) glass pipe, you surely get benefits out of it. Can you imagine yourself smoking with a pretty pipe? Cool is an understatement! Perhaps awesome or perfect would best describe it, don't you think?


Glass pipes are usually portable items which you can simple put inside your bag or pouch. Unlike in some other methods that you require a longer time to enjoy smoking, doing it through a glass pipe can be carried out within less than a few minutes. Just pull your stuff out, smoke it, and after approximately 2 minutes, you will sense the effects of the herbal mixture.

4.Better taste

Glass pipes preserve the flavours of the herbs, so tasty herbal mixtures will remain tasty; no more, no less! But in case it tastes bad, be informed that the glass pipe does not have anything to do with it. Chances are you obtained a terrible quality herb! But the good news is, a glass pipe will serve as a way to do quality product check of herb mixtures. Amazing, isn't it? Get more here on this link.

5.Cheaper than some other pipe variants

If you think that glass pipes are really expensive, then think again. Other pipes like those that are made in plastic will last maybe for a few years, but the glass pipes will thrive even as long as decades. More to that, wholesale glass pipes are available in the market; basically, you can save a lot when you buy in bulk. View here for more info: